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It is my greatest joy to work with the helping spirits to provide remembering, clarity, healing, and empowerment to you.

Sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours long and begin with a quiet grounding, and an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and needs with me. I then conduct a diagnostic journey in partnership with the helping spirits, to gently acquire guidance. A healing journey is then undertaken, and currently can include any one of the following:

  • divination: guidance from the helping spirits regarding questions and concerns you may have about your life, path, relationships, ideas, and dreams.

  • power animal retrieval: connect with your spirit animal/s to receive guidance, wisdom, protection and power.

  • soul retrieval: retrieve soul essence that departed from you to protect itself during times of hardship and stress.

  • soul essence remembering: remember your original, sovereign, true soul-self and celebrate your divine beauty.

  • cord removal: release draining spiritual and energetic connections and enmeshments to people, possessions, places, substances, the past, the future, dreams, ideals, and ideologies.

  • psycopomp: assisting the deceased that are caught between worlds to transition across to the great mystery. Souls and beings supported during this process can be attached to spaces, places, homes, and possessions but not people.

  • compassionate depossession: support for those who are in transition/ the dying process. Also provides for the identification of, and support for, souls who have passed over, or souls and beings that may be ‘caught between worlds’ and are in need of additional, compassionate support to cross over completely. Please note that compassionate depossession is only offered in person at this time.

  • curse unraveling: curses are thoughts and thought forms that have been fueled and directed towards a target. Curses and cursing is as old as humanity itself, and common throughout all cultures. This gentle process diagnoses and removes curses, supporting even greater wholeness of being.

  • guided journey: similar to a guided meditation, this 'waking dream walk' may take you to meet your power animals, ancestors, spirit guides, lost soul parts, your true essence self, corded connections, your path and purpose, the unique medicine you have to offer the world and more...

  • blessings and protection: loving gifts from the helping spirits that can guide, support, soothe, protect, and hold you.

    $85 - $100 suggested per session | in-person, over the phone, and online available | sliding scale available

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the check-in:
deep listening & space holding

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. To listen. To see us as we are. To reflect our deepest selves back to us. To help us land. The Check-In is a 45 minute session where we will connect with each other and the spirit world, and then I will hold space for you while you share, explore, and relate to me what's going on in your life within a deeply safe and sacred space.

$65 suggested per session | in-person, over the phone, and online available | sliding scale available