On The Star Nations

To the star nations,
great wanderers and watchers.
We offer our gratitude and
humble thanks.
Thank you for your ancient wisdom,
high frequency
Thank you for living
the neutrality of
pure love, that is

- The Path of Integrity

When the air is clear, and the moon is dark, the great expanse of the universe reveals itself to us as a sparkling infinity of emptiness and light. When you look up towards the sky at night, what do you see? How does the sky make you feel? Does it speak to you? Does its beauty calm you, energize you, or perhaps even overwhelm you? Do you search eagerly for shooting stars, or the movement of satellites close to Earth? Do you seek to name the constellations, and watch them as they slowly rise and set? Or perhaps you simply bathe in the starlight and witness the sky in calm contemplation. When I see the blanket of stars on a clear night, I find myself more easily connected to my soul’s celestial ancestors and a part of my spirit feels both expansive and home.

A great many spiritual traditions work in communion with the stars and the ‘Sky Elders.’ A beautiful example is the Pleiades star cluster which is often referred to as the Seven Sisters (Greek mythology) or the Seven Maidens (Lakota). The Pleiades is recognized in global spiritual traditions, such as the Lakota, Cree, Dakota, Zuni, Sioux, Hopi, Maya, Inca, Australian Aborigine, Maori, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, and Q’ero. This magical star cluster, located in the constellation of Taurus, is thought to be home to countless beings that were original visitors to and even inhabitants of Earth, and their pure being was considered the blueprint for humanity’s consciousness. The Dogon tribe of Mali in West Africa, believe they were visited by beings (The Nommos) that came from the star Sirius. These amphibious or aquafarian beings resembled mermaids/mermen and brought great knowledge and wisdom to the Dogon especially regarding astrology.

In the not too distant past, I began to work in partnership with star beings as primary guides. Recently, I received a shamanic astrology reading which confirmed beyond my own guidance, something I’ve known my whole life. As she began the reading, one of the first things she said was, “You do realize your soul tribe is from the stars, right? You’re not of this planet, though you love it deeply and dearly.” I came to understand that many of us are here, born of the stars, to support the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, and to learn and understand the density of this beautiful planet so that we can help to guide the evolution of a new path forward for the world, one of honor, respect, and deep, expansive love.

Today, my invitation to you is a simple one. I invite you, wherever you are, to walk outside the next evening the sky is clear (even if you live in a city so it is only the brightest star or two that is revealed above you) and for you to greet the star and tell it your name. Introduce yourself to that star, and introduce yourself to each of the stars you see, one by one. By connecting intentionally and directly with the starlight my hope is that your essence can feel, even subtly and for a short moment, more closely and consciously connected with the fabric of the universe. And my heart hope is that through this action, you can drop into your heart, and allow it to feel the wonder and awe that exists beyond the door of your own thoughts. The beauty, the immensity, and the profound intelligence of the natural world is a constant that we can connect with at any time, and by practicing moment by moment, we can learn to access its wisdom with ease. This action can be completed with any aspect of the natural world, the plants, the stones, the elements, the animals, or the sun itself. For today, I ask that you take a moment to allow yourself a connection with the stars, for you never know what wisdom or healing may be offered to you, as a result of simply making their acquaintance.

May your guidance be clear, may your heart be full, and may the miracle of your being reveal itself to you, one star at a time.

With love for you and for the stars always,