On The Blessed Bee (A Celebration of Spring)

On the blessed bee

A Celebration of Spring

Long has been my fascination, appreciation, and loving partnership with one of humanity’s oldest and most important allies - the blessed and beautiful bee. These industrious, sacred creatures communicate via dance, pollinate trees, flowers, and crops, and produce a golden elixir that has been used for thousands of years as food, medicine, and for ritual connection. Bees have been revered by countless spiritual traditions, from Christian monks and nuns, to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. A gynocentric Celtic spiritual path, The Path of The Pollen, is still practiced today in England, and bees as spiritual allies, power animals, and wisdom guides continue to be called upon by shamans and shamanic practitioners worldwide. The plight of the bee in modern times is devastating and heartbreaking, and heralds a critical call to action by humanity: in losing the bees, we lose ourselves. Their health is our health, so their demise is our demise. This is the universal truth of Earth living and of a shared planet and cosmos, and my heart hope is that humanity quickly awakens to itself and hurriedly seeks to reconnect with itself, its world, and its extraordinary sentient partners. All hope is not yet lost. We can usher in a resurrection of health, of partnership, and of deep and sustained grace with our natural world, and there is no better time to shift our focus, than during the awakening season of Spring.

Spring Blessings

Blessed Spring.
Sleepy, grey, dusty earth slowly awakened by the most delicate of shoots unfurling, reaching up, seeking light, offering color and freshness and hope.
Blessed Spring.
Calling back the bees, moths, butterflies, and wasps. The winged ones, the creepy crawlers, the blind worms stretching out inside the rich, dark heart of the soil.
Blessed Spring!
Tiny leaves, birthed from stiff, cold, branches. The green returns, the blossoming begins, and mother nature awakens from her dormant pause, her intermission between seasons.
Blessed Spring.

-Heather L. Porter

During a power animal retrieval a few years ago, a dear colleague of mine brought back to me a Queen Bee. He described to me her industriousness, her regal nature, and her wisdom. It took a year or two for her to really reveal herself to me during my journeys, however since then she has become a beloved and powerful ally in my practice, and I am forever grateful for him, and this beautiful gift. What a blessing that the creatures I love so dearly on our middle world are willing to join me in the ethereal realms! Bee medicine is potent and powerful, and can bring great healing, wisdom, guidance, support, blessings, safe haven, protection, and humor! In celebration of the return of the flowers, I invite your heart to connect with the heart of Bee.

In Communion With Bee

Beloved Bee.
Powerful is your way. The humble way. The way of work, the way of family. The beauty way.
Blessed Bee.
Thank you for your tireless service. Blossoming the flowers and food. Bridging life each Spring.
Beautiful Bee.
May we learn from you, dance as you do, and serve as you do, with questionless purity, honoring our path and purpose.
Sacred Bee.
I hold you dear and will protect you in all the ways I live, as you are my sisters and brothers, my Earth kin. This is my promise eternal.

-Heather L. Porter

As you move forward into Spring, may you feel refreshed and renewed! May your heart and your sinews stretch out and expand and may your lungs be filled with the richness of air perfumed by returning flowers. May all connections you have with the bees, be with the utmost integrity. If you do use honey as food or medicine, I graciously implore you to seek only that which is offered by stewards who honor and protect the life and livelihood of bees through loving and reverent partnership (such as biodynamic, ethical, and natural beekeepers). We have so many ways we can make choices that honor the life and spirit of those we share our world with. With every choice, every step, we can walk with grace and honor all those from the natural world who have given us so much, and who continue to do so, despite their rapid decline.

With gratitude for the sweetness of life, and in celebration of the sweetness of honey, I bow to you, and I bow to the bees.

With love and warmth always,

Heather L. Porter