Welcome to The Path of Integrity

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It is my greatest pleasure to launch my practice and I am thrilled and humbled by you joining me on this journey.

The path of healing is arguably one of the most treacherous paths. For some, it requires us to be fierce in the face of the unknown, to leap forward holding our most vulnerable and wounded parts, and fearlessly trust that by shining even the faintest light into the most hidden spaces within, we can in fact not only heal, but thrive. For others, it may be seeking guidance, or a hand to hold while navigating life's transitions and challenges, and by simply learning of the support that both ordinary and non-ordinary realities seek to offer us, healing and repair can be achieved with ease. For all, it is a fundamental and necessary journey home: home to who you were before the passage of life molded you, stole from you, changed you... home to who you were born to be: a sovereign, complete, child of the universe. A whole, healthy human.

In partnership with the wisdom of the great mystery, I am honored to offer myself in service of your healing, of all healing. 

On these pages, I hope to share insights provided by the spirit world, in conjunction with my own life's experience, and that of the many sages, scholars, friends, and teachers I have encountered. A scientist, artist, explorer, and shamanic practitioner in training, I hope to bridge the many worlds, to reveal more understanding in your life, and to encourage your heart to know it's most authentic self, to help it to remember who it truly is.

In this lifetime, I have lived many lives, some filled with sorrow, abuse, and pain, others filled with beauty, joy, and awe. All of these lives have been profound teachers, illuminating aspects of myself that have required attention and tending; and all of my experiences have helped me to surrender to, and embrace the truest purpose of my being here: to support the healing of as many sentient beings as I possibly can, helping all to remember and return home.

My goal is to live a shamanic life, a life centered and rooted in my heart that is strong, vulnerable, open, and sovereign, and is aligned with the most pure and perfect center of my being. I seek to see with sight-beyond-sight and compassionately hold each person that I meet, living with care and skill, in the belief that we can all be students and teachers of each other.  I seek to walk with every step the Path of Integrity, aligned with my core, blueprinted soul-self, in concert with the guides of the great mystery, and I invite you to join me on this path of care, compassion, understanding, and whole-living.

With greatest gratitude and compassion - welcome to The Path of Integrity and the infinite and profound wonder of the shamanic healing arts.


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