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Julie M. Kramer: The Art & Practice of Essential Shamanism

Julie M. Kramer: The Art & Practice of Essential Shamanism

partnering with compassionate spirits: an introduction to shamanic journeying
by Julie M. Kramer
December 6-8, 2019
silk road studio, HYGIENE, CO

For millennia, shamans worldwide have initiated contact with compassionate spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying. Described as “the path of direct revelation,” shamanism provides a means for entering into partnership with benevolent helping spirits for the purposes of receiving guidance and facilitating healing for ourselves and others. The purpose of the introductory shamanic journeying workshop is to awaken your innate ability to practice shamanic journeying. There is no prerequisite for this workshop, nor is any prior experience needed. Everyone has helping spirits, and anyone can learn how to journey in order to be in direct relationship with them.

This workshop is designed for people who are brand new to shamanism, as well as those who feel inspired to renew their shamanic journeying practice.

Heather is honored to assist Julie with this upcoming workshop.