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Heather is frequently cited by her friends, peers, and clients as being a 'bridge to understanding' based on her capacity to translate difficult scientific and spiritual concepts into relatable, practical, and strategic tools for each group or individual.

Heather is adept at meeting every person exactly where they are, and is honored to hold sacred space as each person’s own unique healing path is gently revealed. Her current professional training developed and facilitated by the gifted Julie M. Kramer, requires daily, weekly, and monthly work, supported by nine in-person workshops over the three year period. This program was chosen for its credible, comprehensive, and practical approach to shamanic healing practices which Heather feels complements her background in environmental systems and business strategy. Heather holds a Master of Environmental Law and a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honors both from The University of Sydney and also holds a certificate in Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University. For more regarding training and education, please see Professional Experience.

A Brief History
Heather has felt the hum of the earth since she can remember. She is an empath, a seer, a sensitive compass of compassion, and a 'Rosetta Stone' for the soul. She feels the trees breathe, senses the subtle energies of the spirits, and communes with animals and the stars. In trying to find a way to explain the importance of the web of connectivity to others, she studied science and systems, law and policy, and yet she still couldn't find a way to reconnect people to themselves and to source. It wasn't until she took the leap to study the art of acting that she started to more deeply understand humanity... and their sweet, beautiful, and frequently wounded hearts. She discovered that it was in fact through the human heart-space that she might be able to contribute to the great collective healing, by sharing her stories, and encouraging people to look within and remember their heart-origin; their true, beautiful, complete, sovereign selves.

Why Shamanic Practice?
Shamanism clearly and beautifully articulates the lens through which Heather experiences life; that everything is inspirited, has a voice, and is deeply and profoundly connected. She feels that there are an infinite number of layers to our existence, and that our soul's choice to 'be human' brings powerful opportunities for awareness, adventure, healing, and hope. She loves shamanic practice because it is a fully accepting and inclusive practice, a life path that is free of organized religion or dogma, that teaches heart-centered living in service of all beings in partnership with the spirit world, the unseen, ethereal realms. It is her life's dedication to work in tandem with the many guides and her highest self, to bring everyone closer to their heart home. 

On Shadow and Pain
"I have walked the dark paths. I have faced death. I have suffered years of abuse and neglect. I understand what hopelessness and deep, desperate, loneliness and depression feel like. I know what it feels like to be so close to giving up, that the thought of taking another step, or breath, is as painful as having your skin torn from your body. And slowly, intentionally, and with deep care and support, I've also healed. I've explored. I've learned. And I have loved. I now offer myself, and my life forward in service of all beings, so I might aid in their healing. Perhaps we can make better choices, healing and collaborative decisions, informed by guidance that is deeper and greater than our knowing, and collectively work to heal ourselves and our beautiful, magnificent, special ocean planet, Earth. Our home. Our mother. Our heart."

Why The Path of Integrity?
To connect authentically with others. To stand within her sovereign heart and to relate to the sovereign heart in others. To therefore walk the path of integrity, to offer healing and hope, and to share her stories and experiences with as many as possible, so that they might seek to discover their own inner pool of knowing and see a reflection of their beautiful truth... and perhaps seek to repair and return wholeness to themselves... and lovingly pay it forward... and so on.

Heather works diligently to live from her heart, speak from her heart, and return wholeness to souls, spaces, and sentients in partnership with the spirit world. Heather’s bloodlines are of the Norse-Gaels and the Celts and she was raised in Sydney, Australia on the ancestral lands of the Cammeraygal Clan of the Eora. A Minister with the Universal Life Church, Heather resides in Denver, Colorado, on the traditional lands of the Ute and Arapaho, with her hermit wolf, her tribe of plants, and a family of wild hawks that screech joyfully outside her home each day. She invites you to connect with her here.

Heather in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, 2010. Photo credit:

Heather in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, 2010.
Photo credit: