healing arts

holistic support in service of highest health

healing arts

The healing arts are healing modalities that encourage holistic and systemic support of a person, community, and/or culture. Healing arts are predicated on the belief that healing is a relational undertaking, a heart-centered practice that allows for the whole person (community, and/or culture) to be present, welcoming all aspects of their historical experience, and all parts of themselves as they are currently moving through the world. It is a process of deep inquiry that invites symptoms to serve as compasses, guiding the individual (community, and/or culture) home to the source seeds of illness, pain, blockages, ideologies, and rigidity, and once there, safely welcomes the voices of all of the parts that require healing to come forward to be revealed and met with honor and respect. Symptoms, therefore, are seen not as failures, but as messengers, sent by the body in service of the changes required such that someone (community, and/or culture) may in fact heal and live in honest truth and alignment to the core of their being, i.e., these messages are asking you to make changes so you may live a life in honor of, and partnership with, your true-self.

Heather has completed depth studies in contemporary shamanic, animistic, and meditation practices - all of which inform her partnership with the spirit world and the subtle etheric realms in pursuit of spiritual healing. The term ‘shaman’ came from the Tungusic peoples of Siberia and was adopted by anthropologists to describe native ceremonial and spiritual leaders throughout the world's cultures. Animism is the ancient belief that all things are inspirited and that our human souls are kin to myriad beings which places humans within an interdependent, relational web of existence. Heather’s direct experiences and beliefs honor that of spiritual healers and healing arts practitioners from a great many lineages and include:

  • Feeling and seeing the great inter-connectivity of all things

  • Acknowledging that all things are inspirited be they animal, mineral, plant or element

  • Tending relationships with the spirit realms and working in concert with compassionate or 'helping' spirits to heal spiritual illness and to seek guidance, wisdom, and support

  • Maintaining the balance or harmony between 'ordinary' and 'non-ordinary' realities

  • Honoring the ancestral lineages of all beings and the communities that are woven in this time and beyond

  • Listening to the wisdom of the body as a sacred vessel, animated by the soul, and a partner to be cherished as we experience human life

In this modern world, practitioners of the healing arts can provide insight, illumination, and guidance, and are called to be of service in support individual and community empowerment and healing. If you are seeking to shed old patterns, heal old wounds, live with greater ease, connect with your own guidance, improve your relationships, or seeking support regarding how to (re)connect with your highest self, or the core of your being, Heather would be honored to partner with and support you. You can find her here.